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Our Story

I’m a little ashamed to say this but, it all started with me. My measurements & my memories, memories of my mother & grandmothers and their fabulous garb. Born in the coastal regions of West Central Africa my childhood was imbued in the rich, vibrant colors of the continent as was most notably impressed upon me by my grandmothers, (Avos) Maria & Paulina who exclusively dressed in the most ethereal, exciting, & vibrant African-Print garments. I honor, salute & pay tribute to my elders for their grace, elegance, and their embodiment of love.

It is upon this rich culture of love, life and traditional, African-Print style of dress which underpins the energy, inspiration and essence of the Maria Paulina label. A label focused on fit, fabric, and fashioning today’s curvy woman. Maria Paulina is THE destination for elevated African-Print Dresses, Tops, Pants, & other on-trend, modern Afro-print apparel, crafted specifically for today’s Plus Sized Women. Our garments are constructed with the most comfortable, premium-stretch materials, imbued with amazingingly modern, African-Print patterns. My hope is that you too will be just as captivated, charmed, and comforted by our signature styles. Please shop & share our collections for high-quality garments ranging in sizes 14 - 24.