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The Miracle of Self-Love – Why & How Should You Prioritize Yourself?

Tell us have you made YOU the priority? No love in the world is greater than self-love! Yes. There. We said it. And, no. Prioritizing you, loving yourself and self-nurturing do not make you self-absorbed, self-centered or selfish. If anything, it makes you happier not only about yourself but by giving you a positive perspective towards everything in life, it makes you more caring about others as well.

When you start taking care of yourself, things become easier, brighter and even fun in life. Also, the way you treat yourself, sets an example for others. It may sound clichéd but if you won’t prioritize yourself, no one else would do it for you.

Here are a few simple ways to maintain a healthy, happy and simpler life:

1. Let go of things

Toxic people, relations, partners, and friends! Whatever and whoever ruins your peace of mind or causes you stress, just walk away from it. Life is too small to hold on to relations or people who bring you no joy. Keep only light-bearers in your life. People who actually bring you happiness and joy!

2. Don’t Try to Control Everything

Things don’t always work out the way we intend or plan and, that’s okay. In the greater scheme of things, sooner or later, all dots connect. So, if it looks like things are not in your control, learn to accept it and keep an open mind to everything that comes your way.

3. Don’t Overthink

People, who overthink, make life hell for themselves. Let things happen in their natural flow. Overthinking makes smaller issues humongous. You owe yourself some peace of mind.

4. Don’t hoard on the Anger

Forgive people even when they have not asked for forgiveness. Do it for you, not for them. Harnessing ill feelings, hatred and anger towards anyone would bring you anxiety. It is not worth it. Free yourself.

5. Sleep when you are the sleepiest

Your body has a system of replenishing itself when you are sound asleep. Keep your mobile, laptop and all gadgets away after 10 at night. As soon as you feel sleepy, just get to the bed and sleep.

6. Try New Things

Travel to far far-away lands. Make new friends. Try exotic cuisine. Watch new movies. Grab a new book. Learn to play a music instrument. Keep finding happiness in small things.

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